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True Love As Love of Truth

Melanie Klein's entire endeavor might be described as a rich and unwavering effort to allow love to come to the fore, or in Klein's words, to extricate "love buried under hate" (Klein, 1934). From the very beginning of life until it's end, we long for the mythical union with the other, which is based on […]


Questioning the Superego

In this paper I approach and examine the concept of the superego mainly from a Kleinian point of view, describe how it changes during the course of an individual’s development […]

Rossellini Beyond Repair

Albany Senior Center 846 Masonic Avenue, Albany

This talk revisits Roberto Rossellini's Europa '51 (1952), a film that Gilles Deleuze made famous for its way of "seeing convicts" in a range of social institutions, including the factory, […]